Discover Nebraska

Honoring Nebraska Through Quilts.

Discover Nebraska is a Quilting/Social Studies Unit geared to 4th graders studying Nebraska History. Our committee members are volunteers from the Lincoln Quilters Guild. The finished project is a paper quilt to hang in the classroom. The program is free. It requires a two-hour block of uninterrupted time. After a forty-five minute presentation to all the 4th graders in a central room (usually Media Center), the students and a volunteer go to their classrooms to color and piece the paper quilt and then return to the presentation room to show their class quilt. We close with a review that reinforces the material presented and show our "current" quilting projects.

An exciting option is to have your Discover Nebraska presentation at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum with a tour of current exhibits. Contact Sheila for all the details.

The Discover Nebraska Quilt

We will need each school to provide the following:

Presentation Room: We will need to hang the Discover Nebraska quilt and show an additional 15+ quilts. This can be a very flexible area with bulletin boards or bookcases that quilts could be hung on or over. The Media Center usually works well to accommodate several classrooms of children. We encourage you to display quilt related books. Children may also bring quilts from home to share with the group.

Helpers: One or two volunteers per classroom (parent volunteers are encouraged) to help the children in the classroom and assemble the paper quilts.

Materials: Crayons for each child. Glue stick (preferably) or white glue, scissors, trashcan and table space large enough to accommodate the 36" square paper quilt.

We will arrive 15 minutes before the presentation to set up our display. To schedule, please visit our scheduling page.

We look forward to sharing this program with the children!

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Discover Nebraska Reviews

4th Graders

I’ll never forget the day you came to our school. Everything was fun what I did. I’m telling my whole family what we did.
Some of the quilts are so cool I’d even like to make one of them!
The thing I enjoyed the most is when you showed us the “Discover Nebraska” quilt.
The presentation was cool!
Please come back and teach us more next year.
I thought that quilts were only for decoration but you taught me that quilts can tell a lot about a person and how they feel.
Your visit helped us with our Nebraska history.
Thank you for showing me the fantastic works of art.
I think you must have loved history when you were a kid.
My favorite part was when we made the quilts out of paper.
I really liked the part at the end where you showed us your quilts that you made.
Some of the quilts are so cool I’d even like to make one of them!
I did not know that men liked quilting just as much as women do.
I’m glad that my school invited you here.
It was not a regular day, it was a special day!


It fit into our Nebraska unit so well.
I was amazed (and pleasantly surprised) at how interested the students were.
While many students knew what a quilt was, so many were impressed with the styles, colors and stories related to the quilts.
The students learned so many facts about Nebraska and at the same time learned about the art of quilting.
It is a truly a wonderful experience for our 4th graders!
You do a great job of weaving Nebraska history into the presentation, along with sharing the many lovely quilts.
Students are delighted to make their own paper quilt.
It is a wonderful gift that you give to students and teachers.
I’ll want you to come back next year…and the next…and the next…and the next…. etc.
What a perfect connection to our Nebraska studies.
I’m so impressed with the effort and dedication you put into this program. We look forward to having you back next year.

Discover Nebraska is a Quilting/Social Studies unit geared to 4th graders studying Nebraska history. Our objective is to enrich the curriculum by providing an interesting and educational way to teach Nebraska history and the history of quilt making. To accomplish this, we use our Discover Nebraska quilt (made by our committee), a Nebraska map, visuals and quilts. Our twenty committee members are volunteers from the Lincoln Quilters Guild. Guild members have donated over 20 quilts for this purpose. Our quilts range from an 1887 crazy quilt to a painted quilt that tells the story from the book Sam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon Quilt. Our donated quilts have been documented by a group of ladies who work in quilt preservation and documentation. Two hours is spent in each school beginning with a central presentation for all 4th grade classrooms. The students then go to the classroom, where they color quilt blocks and assemble their paper quilt. All classes reassemble to show off their quilt, we review the materials presented, show our current quilting projects and answer student’s questions. Last school year, we presented to 37 elementary schools (about 3,000 fourth graders) in Lincoln and surrounding communities. We have reached a total of over 33,540 children in 16 years!

The Lincoln Quilters Guild has over 300 Members. Lincoln Quilters Guild We are proud of our Community Outreach projects. In addition to Discover Nebraska, we provide "Cuddle Quilts" to local hospitals and Social Service agencies and Quilts of Valor are made for our veterans. Many of our members are also volunteers at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.

To schedule a presentation please visit the scheduling page

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